PAWLAS  - Professional Home from Home Dog Boarding

PAWLAS is a small privately owned home dog boarding business based in Benfleet, Essex close to  Richmond Park and offers true home from home boarding care and a professional and friendly service.  It is run in accordance with the requirements of the Home Dog Boarding Establishment Act and is both registered/insured. 

Dog Home Boarding services are in high demand as more dog owners become aware that kennelling their dog can be traumatic and that home from home dog boarding is a more pleasant experience removing stress and anxiety for both parties. Your dog's personal requirements and needs are of prime concern and every care will be taken to ensure that they too have a wonderful break. Their comfort, safety and welfare is taken seriously and if your dog is used to sleeping in your room or on your bed this routine will be maintained so your dog remains content and stress-free.  The object of PAWLAS is to make your holiday more pleasurable knowing that your pet is in capable hands being well cared for while you are away and also that they will want to return. 
PAWLAS offers a spacious, detached, secure dog-friendly home with a private 6ft fenced garden, rooms that can easily be sectioned-off with dog gates, a stair gate and both indoor/outdoor play pens for those youngsters.  Your dog will reside within the home and will be cared for as they would be at home with you running free and not caged unless specifically requested for travel or an accustomed night-time routine. Your pet's needs come first and care can be given for separate and supervised feeding and play times should they need this due to food/toy possession traits. Should your pet be elderly, recuperating or need regular medication, whatever is needed will be administered. 

If you are interested in learning more, bring your pet over for a neutral meet and greet with the resident dog and a visit to the dog-friendly boarding home. It is always prudent for a preliminary stay to see how your dog settles in.

Leave your dog in safe hands in the care and warmth of a home environment!

Call PAWLAS to give you peace of mind!

All  paperwork can be viewed including our terms and conditions.  Due to insurance requirements some breeds are excluded from home dogboarding businesses.  We are also unable to take puppies under 6mths for reasons of cross-infection, uncastrated males or bitches on heat.  

Barney in his bed, dog boarding
In memory of dear Barney 
   1995-2011 - 3rd Home lucky

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